<strong>Tammam Salameh</strong> <br>Media Producer

Tammam Salameh
Media Producer

Founder Of Drama Shelve Media

Founder Of Voicesky Dubbing

Board Member TenTime Platform


Founder of Drama Shelve Media and VoiceSky Dubbing. Producing captivating TV series and movies, fusing innovation and storytelling to captivate global audiences

  • Birth Year 1976
  • Residence United Arab Emirates
  • Address Business Bay, Dubai
  • Phone 0096176636533
  • Phone 00971527633111
  • E-mail info@tammam-salamh.com


Media Production
Drama Shelve
  • Script Development & Scriptwriting
  • Pre-production
  • Production
  • Post-production
  • Distribution
  • Dubbing
  • Subtitling




To create engaging and purposeful television content that entertains, educates, and inspires audiences in the Arab world and globally.


Drama Shelve Media aims to be a leading and innovative television production company, producing diverse and high-quality content that reflects the values, cultures, and stories of both the Arab and global communities.

• Make a distinctive impact in developing original and creative TV programs and series catering to a broad audience and genres, including drama, comedy, reality, documentary, and animation.
•Collaborate with talented writers, directors, actors, and crew members who share the vision and mission.
•Establish strong relationships with distributors, stations, and platforms to showcase the company’s content to a wide and relevant audience, maintaining professionalism and content quality.
•Develop the dubbing and script translation industry in VoiceSky Dubbing through extensive relationships with global companies such as FOX, Global Agency, Beta Film, Caracol, and others.
•Embarking on a captivating journey, our mission is to craft television content that not only entertains but also enlightens and inspires audiences across the Arab world and beyond.

Director Collaborations​

Hatem Ali

Rasha Hisham Shurbatji​

Allaith Hajjo​

Rami Hanna​

Seif Eddin Subaie​

Saif Alsheikh Najeeb​

Muhammad Abdulaziz​

Ali Fadhel​

Fadi Alwafaei​

Samer Hikmat​

Mazen Alsaadi​

Yazan Shurbatji​

Latest Work

The Clown Drama Shelve, Series
Echo Drama Shelve, Series
Al Arrafeh Drama Shelve, Series
Al Wassiya Drama Shelve, Series
Al Arrab 2 Series
Al Okhwah Series
Al Tawareed Series
Takht Sharqi Series

Channel Collaborations

Contacts info

Phone UAE

+971 52 7633111

Phone LEB

 +961 76 636 533




Marina Gate – Naqqash – See Side Road – Floor 22 A, Lebanon

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