Al Wassiya

  • Date: 9 December 2023
  • Categories: Drama ShelveSeries

Produced by: Drama Shelve Media

What would you do if you got 5 million dollars, a villa, and a cafe all of a sudden?

It’s exactly what happened to “Essmat” and “Intisar” and their families after their elder sibling “Nabil” and his wife “Amani” chose them to carry out their will which implies almost impossible tough conditions in a comedic vibe to earn the whole legacy!

مسلسل الوصية


  • Director: Fadi Alwafaei
  • Writer:Ma’an Saqabani
  • Starring: Hisham Haddad – Heba Nour – Salma Almassri – Sherine Aboul Ezz – Khaled Haider – Geoge Diab – Sultan Dib – Gene counsel – Iman Abdulaziz – Omar Miqati