The Clown

  • Date: 30 December 2023
  • Categories: Drama ShelveSeries

Produced By: Drama Shelve Media

The series begins with the murder of a young man, “Talib Mohsen.”

A crime that may seem simple at first glance, but as soon as we enter its scene, we discover that we are facing a very complex operation. There are many accused, and each one of them has strong motives for killing, and each accused has strong forensic evidence linking him to it. Let us enter into the story.

A maze of research and anticipation until we reach the shocking truth after a journey of surprises and discoveries.


مسلسل المهرج

  • Genre: Crime – Thriller – Romance – Social Drama
  • Director: Rasha Hisham Shurbatji
  • Writer: Bassam Junaid
  • Starring:
    Basem Yakhour – Amal Boushosha – Khaled Al Kish – Nidal Najm – Ghazwan Al Safadi –  Dima Al Jundi – Ibrahim Shaikh Ibrahim – Adnan Abu Al Shamat – Raoua Al Saadi – Bilal Kattan – Rama Al Zain